About The HTF
The Healthcare Technology Foundation was founded on the principle that achieving improvement in the safe use of healthcare technology requires diverse stakeholders to come together in order to utilize their collective knowledge on the design, use, integration and servicing of healthcare technology, systems and devices. In addition to industry, regulators, clinicians and clinical engineers, the public must be included as one of the stakeholders such that they are provided with the means to participate in and gain access to guidance on best practices and the safe use of healthcare technology both in clinical settings and at home.

The mission of HTF mission is to:

"Improve healthcare delivery outcomes by promoting the development, application and support of safe and effective healthcare technologies."

The Foundation supports:

  • The promotion of excellence in clinical engineering leadership through research, education and certification
  • Funding of related research and programs,
  • Effective collaborations between medical device producers, regulators, users and clinical engineers,
  • The creation of safety-related education material that is useful to members of the public

The Healthcare Technology Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation