Certification Administration Changes
Below is a letter to certified clinical engineers from the Certification Commission:
Dear Clinical Engineer Colleague:

I am writing to you as a certified clinical engineer on behalf of the Healthcare Technology Certification Commission. I wish to apprise you of upcoming changes in clinical engineer certification program organizational structure and to solicit your thoughts on those changes.

Presently, the Healthcare Technology Certification Commission (HTCC), sponsored by the Healthcare Technology Foundation (HTF), oversees the certification program. Two Boards of Examiners (BoE), one in the United States and one in Canada, execute the clinical engineer certification program. Certification program details may be found on the Healthcare Technology Foundation website

The HTF conducted an internal operational assessment regarding recent US tax law changes covering charitable organizations. They concluded that they can no longer serve as the sponsoring body for the HTCC. Consequently, the HTCC intends to formally separate from the HTF by 2014 January 1. By this date, the HTCC must transfer all of its functions from the HTF to a new organization such that the HTF no long provides HTCC with any legal, financial, administrative or other services. The HTCC intends to execute the transfer in collaboration with the HTF, respecting its strong leadership of clinical engineer certification for many years and the HTF's continued interests in securing an organizational structure founded on integrity, quality, security, confidentiality and sustainability.

The HTCC has set in motion a process to separate from the HTF by the required date. One part of that process is convening a meeting with key stakeholder organizations in clinical engineer certification, including: 1) The American College of Clinical Engineering; 2) The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation; 3) The Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society; and 4) The American Society for Healthcare Engineering. The meeting's purpose is to engage senior representatives from these organizations to determine the best future clinical engineer certification organizational model.

An equally important part of the decision making process is engaging the certified clinical engineer community. Through this letter, the HTCC invites you to write and express your thoughts about the best future clinical engineer certification organization. For example, should the HTCC actively seek to form a relationship with one of the stakeholder organizations listed above to act as a new sponsoring body for certification? Or should the HTCC stand alone as an independent body? Do you think other structures or alignments are superior and should be considered?

The HTCC needs to hear from you at this time as it seeks to define a new organization model to carry clinical engineer certification forward into the future. Please take a few moments to send a letter or email to the Commission Secretariat at the address below.

HTCC Secretariat
5200 Butler Pike
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-1298


Petr Kresta,
HTCC Chair

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