HTF Board members participate in AAMI Foundation HTSI Alarm Coalition Kick-off Meeting on April 24th and 25th
AAMI Foundation HTSI

Goals of the National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety

Improve Patient Safety by:
  • Enabling pioneering hospitals in alarm management and the other stakeholder-members of the coalition to share resources, thus amplifying their current and future efforts
  • Advancing patient safety for the nation through dissemination of the deliverables the coalition produces
  • Helping move the country to some standardization around alarms, where possible

Goals of this Kick-Off Meeting for the Coalition

  • Meeting and creating ongoing relationships with your “alarm safety” coalition colleagues from hospitals, manufacturers, and professional organizations
  • Setting the tone for our future work: building enthusiasm for sharing, learning, and creating deliverables of your ongoing work to help the nation
  • Understanding the deliverables expected from the coalition, and proposing additional deliverables
  • Beginning the process of learning, sharing, and creating deliverables that will continue over the next 2 years
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