HTF Partners with AAMI HTSI on Clinical Alarms Workshop
HTF and AAMI Foundation are partnering once again this year at the AAMI Annual Conference in Denver to present a 4 hour workshop on "Meeting the Joint Commission 2016 Patient Safety Goal...and Beyond!" on clinical alarms. The clinical alarms NPSG (National Patient Safety Goal) has been on everyone's minds for over a year now with the official goal bring released in 2014. The Goal focuses on alarm fatigue, awareness, safety initiatives, policies, education and more. The workshop co-led by HTF board member Izabella Gieras, CCE will open with a session, focusing on a brief overview on the current work and initiatives by the AAMI National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety and the HTF. The workshop will then launch into five alarm management case studies from different healthcare facilities. The sessions will provide great perspectives and hopefully lessons learned on implemented processes and various approaches towards the 2014 and forthcoming 2016 NPSG deliverables. More info on the Clinical Alarms Workshop.
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