AAMI/HTF Alarms Management Workshop
More than 120 attended the Alarms Management Workshop co-lead by Marilyn Flack, Executive Director AAMI/HTSI, and Tobey Clark, HTF (filling in for Alarms Task Force Leader, Izabella Gieras) at the AAMI annual meeting. Following an opening presentation titled A Decade of Action outlining work by HTF in this arena, speakers from three hospitals and a middleware company showed the value of data in improving alarm management. One talk by a nursing leader at Naples Hospital showed the value of direct nursing interaction with the alarms systems based on patient condition resulting in greatly reduced alarm burden. A lively discussion with the five presenters over the last hour of the four hour workshop showed how far we have come in reducing alarm fatigue, but also the additional work needed to comply with the 2016 portion of the Joint Commission NPSG – improve the safety of clinical alarm systems.

AAMI presentations were also made by board members Paul Sherman, Ted Cohen, and Yadin David.

AAMI/HTF Alarms Management Workshop

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