AAMI 2015 Managing Risks of Integrated Systems and Networks in Healthcare Environments
Submitted by Yadin David
Immediately following the 2011 execution of the collaboration agreement between The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and the Healthcare Technology Foundation (HTF) the development began on the format and content for training workshop program on risk management of integrated systems.

Through a needs assessment conducted by HTF and AAMI, training on the processes and methodologies needed to manage risks associated with networks and integrated systems was identified to fill-in the knowledge gap felt by healthcare technology management professional – including biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers, information technologists, safety officers, and facility managers. The goal of the developed program is to make these professionals more knowledgeable about the resources and strategies associated with a safe patient care in the evolving integrated healthcare environment.

The project entailed the development of four (4) modules on networking and integration; ANSI/AAMI/IEC 80001-1 Risk Management; project and change management; wireless deployment and tools and resources to sustain safe integrated systems related to networked environments. In addition to drafting content, developers conducted needs survey within the communities of HTF, AAMI and ASHE societies. The content was reviewed by experts in the field and through the early webinars and face-to-face workshops held in late 2013 and 2014. It is now available on AAMI University website and further expanded and adapted for launching an on-line program this summer.

On June 7th , during the 2015 annual AAMI Conference & Expo in Denver, CO, an updated full day workshop was offered. The workshop described an up-to-date methodology for managing systems’ risk related to the integration of technological tools through networks. About forty (40) individuals attended the program mostly from healthcare provider organizations. They heard superb faculty with over 100 man-years experience presenting their expertise in hands-on networks risk management, in risk management methodology with the most recent updates of the IEC80001 standard, in systems project management and in wireless platform integration.

After Yadin David made the introductions and covered the objectives for the workshop, a survey about attendee’s readiness was taken. The faculty began their presentations with Ted Cohen, MS, CCE, manager of Clinical Engineering at UC Davis Health System, Sherman Eagles Partner at Software CPR, Co-Convener, ISO/IEC Joint Working Group on risk management of IT-networks incorporating medical devices Editor, IEC 80001-1, Ken Fuchs Executive VP at the Center for Medical Interoperability, the recipient of the ACCE 2014 Professional Achievement in Technology Award/Professional Development Award, and Phil Raymond, Wireless Architect & Global Network Product Manager in Philips healthcare’s Connected Care Solutions and currently serves as the chair of the Wi-Fi Alliance Healthcare Marketing Task Group and contributing member and co-chair of the AAMI Wireless Strategy Task Force, and participates in the connectivity standards development space including IEC/ISO 80001-1 and served as the co-chair for the IEC/ISO 80001-2-3 Wireless Guidance Technical Report team. As a summary, the faculty presented case study subjecting to the material presented during the day and addressed many questions and comments made by the attendees. It was dynamic and successful event.

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