HTF Board Member Ronda Bradley Presents at AAMI Foundation Webinar and AARC Congress 2015!
This was part of the AAMI Foundation offering of complimentary patient safety seminars that examines how hospitals can achieve The Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goal on alarm management. It was held Friday, December 4, "Creating a Culture of Safety in Home Mechanical Ventilation", and featured a presentation regarding a review of the types of home ventilator circuits and how the circuit can affect patient safety. The presentation also included a discussion of practical safety tips that can help with ventilator alarm management and patient safety. The webinar is available on the AAMI Foundation's National Alarm Coalition website.

Ronda's presentation at the AARC (American Association for Respiratory Care) Congress 2015 was titled: Creating a Culture of Safety: Not Just the Concern of the Respiratory Therapist. The AAMI, FDA, AARC, equipment manufacturers, engineers, and health care providers have formed a consortium to address medical equipment concerns, ventilator technology, and patient monitoring due to alarm fatigue. She discussed specific information at this health care summit, and updated attendees on project goals and deliverables as of the date of the meeting. In addition, this lecture discussed the National Patient Safety Goal on alarm fatigue, what is to be expected of hospitals in 2016 related to this NPSG, and existing best practices.

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