HTF Board Members Present at AAMI 2016
HTF had a large contingency at AAMI 2016. Jennifer Ott and Tobey Clark recently presented at the 2016 ACCE Symposium, Impact of MDI on Medical Device Assessment & Acquisition, held on Saturday, June 4 at the AAMI Conference & Expo. Jennifer presented on infrastructure considerations. Tobey presented on technology replacement considerations and the importance of a robust Request for Information document. Tobey also presented the preliminary results from the 2016 Clinical Alarms Survey. More analysis will be forthcoming. Not surprising, we still have a lot of work to do before alarms are not longer a concern with the clinical staff. Erin Sparnon – Top 10 Issue Facing HTM: An Open Discussion. Tobey Clark, Yadin David, Barrett Franklin – Strategic Planning: Tools to Map the Future. The session focused on sharing tools and techniques for successful strategic planning. They examined current frameworks for excellence, resources such as the HTM Levels Guide, case studies of strategic plans, and the processes used for strategic plan development. Barrett Franklin – Transitioning Perspective: from HTM to Supervisor to HTM Leader Insight into making the transition within your organization from Healthcare Technology Manager to Healthcare Technology Leader. The presentation focused on different methods to improve the communication with C-suite leadership and to gain buy-in from senior leaders in supporting your HTM organization. Topics covered included: methods of communication, financial management, big picture perspective, methods for senior leadership engagement, developing a rapport with your leadership team, communicating needs, and negotiating expectations. Paul Sherman – The Technical Iconoclast – always a hoot!
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