HTF Supports Global Clinical Engineers Day on October 21
The International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering's Clinical Engineering Division, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and clinical engineering associations from many countries, including the United States, Italy, Brazil, Ethiopia, Argentina, and China, are hosting the first Global Clinical Engineers (CE) Day on Oct. 21.

This date commemorates the first International Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Management Congress, which was held in Hangzhou, China last year, and serves as an opportunity to recognize the important contributions clinical engineers make to improving international health and wellness, said Yadin David, chairman of the Global Clinical Engineering Advisory Board.

"We are trying to create better knowledge globally with regard to what the clinical engineering profession is all about," David said. "This will hopefully help unify training and education, increase the number of people in the profession, and improve access to appropriate healthcare technology around the world."

As part of the Global CE Day celebration, David and his colleagues have organized a series of advocacy events aimed at educating and raising awareness of the expertise and benefits clinical engineers provide to healthcare delivery systems. One of these events is a series of live online chats.

"The idea is that for 24 hours we will rotate around the world through each time zone with delegates online sharing success stories from their part of the world and also responding to participants' questions," David explained.

In addition, all clinical engineers are invited to share their experiences and accomplishments by submitting photos and short videos that will be featured on the event's official website, Videos should be no more than five minutes long and can focus on how the clinical engineering profession helps patients, how clinical engineers approach specific repairs, or the places where clinical engineers work. Photos and videos can be sent to

The website will also feature interviews with members of the clinical engineering community, provide specific examples of the contributions of clinical engineers from around the world, and host chat rooms in different languages.

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