The Marvin Shepherd Patient Safety Award
Mr. Marvin Shepherd, a known safety expert, has established this award program in order to advance patient safety through design, use, support, education and/or management of healthcare technologies. The program goal is to annually identify the best qualified recipient(s) for contributions to the advancement of patient safety. The individual selected could be an inventor, incident investigator, author, educator, technology manager, and a promoter of safe use of technology in healthcare and/or other person with similar recognized patient safety accomplishments.

The Healthcare Technology Foundation (HTF) will present this annual award during the annual meeting of the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE). The ACCE Advocacy Committee promotes and collects candidates for this award and the HTF selects and awards the winner. The award consists of a plaque and monetary presentation.

During the past few years individuals joined Mr. Shepherd in supporting this program through contributions and participation in the program activities. Your considerations for helping to perpetuate this program will have an important impact on patient safety everywhere.

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